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Neighbourhood Watch Alert

(May 22, 2017)

Our local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator has alerted us to an incident on Saturday morning when a property in Oulton was burgled. The gentleman had only gone out to take his wife into Stone, and when he returned he found that someone had been into the house. It is not known at this stage what was taken during the raid. It is a timely reminder to ensure that windows and doors are locked at all times when you are out. As the weather improves and we spend more time in the garden please ensure that all doors are locked even if you are at home, distraction burglaries are another way that criminals can enter your home.

Please do not respond to any telephone calls asking for bank details or passwords pertaining to come from you bank - bank never call to ask for this information. Also do not respond to anyone asking you to move money from one account to another, even if they say the caller says that they are the Police and you would be helping then track down a serial fraudster. The Police never do this and these are clever scams perpetrated by criminals to get you to part with money. If you do get a call like this call the Police on the non-emergency number and inform your bank as soon as possible.

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