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Junk Mail and Junk Phone Calls

(March 13, 2013)

There appears to have been an increase in "Junk" mail and particularly "Junk" phone calls in recent months. If you are plagued by either of these you can do something about them.

For junkmail, register your address at  this should stop or reduce the amount of unsolicited mail you receive. The process should take about 28 days for full effect but you should start to notice a reduction straight away. It will not stop mail from companies who you already have had dealings with, even if you have bought no products from them, unless you ask them to remove your details from their database. If you do request them to stop sending you stuff but they continue they are committing a criminal offence and could be prosecuted. All reputable companies will, therefore comply with your request.

The same goes for "junk" telephone calls. register at to stop unwanted calls. If you are subject to "silent calls" it tells you on the website how to deal with them. Unfortunately this will not stop call from outside the UK but you should see the number of calls reduced. Again, it is an offence if companies continue to call you if you have requested them not to.

Doorstep callers can also be a nuisance. The general advice is to be very careful when dealing with unknown callers on your doorstep. To prevent them even knocking you could display a notice on you front door. These are available to download and print off for free from (then search 'free doorstep callers notice') It is a legal requirement for companies to comply with your wishes not to be disturbed, therefore all reputable companies will heed your wishes and not bother to knock inthe first place.

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